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Swiftqueue Solutions

Swiftqueue is a Cloud based SaaS platform built on proven mobile and internet technologies. Allowing clinics to communicate available appointments for patients to manage their next visit online and improve communication flow while delivering operational excellence and improved efficiencies.

Swiftqueue is a flexible and innovative platform which applies to many Healthcare Clinic scenarios enabling new ways for healthcare clinics to better manage their availability and patient specific information through improved patient engagement and communication pre and post.

Swiftqueue Opportunities

Swiftqueue are currently working on a number of Strategic IT and eHealth Initiatives for Hospitals and Clinics in Ireland and NHS in UK. Our future roadmap extends Clinic Appointments to be available for Patients, GP’s and all Out Patients Clinics to book online via the Internet, through Tablet/Kiosks or Mobile Applications.

Swiftqueue can help to provide an integrated solution to provide a service that meets health accreditation standards and supports cost effective deployment to deliver this strategy internally for each Hospital and Clinic and externally for Patients.

Swiftqueue Team

Our growing team has the right mix of Healthcare, Business and IT experience and is comfortable working with small Clinic and large Hospitals. We keep in constant contact with our Customers to ensure we continually develop our solution to meet their growing requirements and to simplify any repetitive tasks and continuous innovation.

Swiftqueue have extensive experience of providing product and service innovation to meet customers’ needs within the Healthcare Industry and our short and long term development roadmap is prioritised to meet with our Customer requirements.

The European Connected Health Alliance delivers leadership for the development of Connected and mHealth markets and practice across Europe.

The ECHAlliance and Swiftqueue work together at a strategic level to promote connected health initiatives.